The Conversation

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Leading By

As education evolves and school systems explore unconventional methods of teaching students, there is a need for forward-thinking guidance to strengthen districts and empower administrators who are molding America’s future.

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Our Fundamentals
For Success

EdisonLearning continues a legacy of implementing the most innovative and extensive portfolio of proven K-12 school designs used in public education. We focus on establishing a school environment that promotes student learning and success; a full and rich curriculum; and the ongoing training and professional development of high performing administrators and teachers.

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Don’t Let
Them Drop

Turning around failing schools and failing school districts is hard work. EdisonLearning has historically served the most challenging urban schools and districts in our country — a fact that will never change. We have not always succeeded, but, unlike others in our industry, EdisonLearning will not shy away from these tough jobs — we will embrace them.

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An Evolution
Of Excellence

EdisonLearning is a leading international educational services provider. For nearly a generation, we have been at the forefront of some the most dramatic changes in America’s public education system.

Our outcomes are not solely based on student test scores – but on graduation rates, college acceptances, and meaningful jobs. We believe success is not solely about achieving academic results, but it’s about securing futures.

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